Not all are born artists. But a talent for art can be groomed. Art adds beauty to life and imparts it with more character. A person inculcated with a taste for art develops an aesthetic balance in everything he or she does. Academy of Art and Design aims to nurture aesthetic sense and appreciation of art in almost everyone.

Academy of Art and Design teaches all aspects of art, and all forms of art. All colour mediums, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional knowledge, perspective, sketching, designing, contemporary art forms etc are taught. At Academy of Art and Design students have numerous opportunities to better their skills and also showcase them through National and International level Art Competitions, Art Camps and Exhibitions conducted by Empowerment and Academy of art and Design. This will give them a hands-on learning experience which will hone them into artists in the art form of their choice.


  • Academy teaches its students all aspects of art, and all forms of art. Colour media, 2-D and 3-D art, perspective, designs, brands, contemporary art forms etc.
  • Special sessions for Life Study with Life Model for adults.
  • Art Appreciation Course for adults on Sundays.
  • Sculpture and Pottery Classes for children and adults.
  • Academy awards its students and provides Diploma Certificates after completion of every year by conducting Annual Art Exhibition at renowned art Galleries like IHC, AIFACS, ICCR etc.
  • The greater an artist’s observation, the more beautiful is the work of art: Outdoor study at public places to enhance their observation and drawing skills.


General Information:

  • Weekday and weekend classes are conducted in the morning.
  • Classes are twice a week for two hours in mornings.
  • Our professionals give very individual attention and train the students according to their potential.