Art Classes for Children

The renowned painter, Picasso once said- “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” What he meant was that children are not afraid to experiment or be unconventional in their approach towards anything, including painting. Children of this era are however restricted to rote learning by the burden of their course curriculum. But art has this capability to open the minds and enhance creativity. Academy of Art and Design unlocks the child’s imagination and provides the fertile ground for further art learning for a child.

At the Academy of Art and Design, we teach children the basics of art- a sense of colour, the character of colour, form, line and other techniques. Through rigorous practice, they gradually have a chance of becoming artists.

At Academy of Art and Design, children between the ages of 6-18 are taught the fundamentals of painting in a year-long course on the pattern of a diploma course in art, with an art exhibition at the year-end and awarding of a Diploma Certificate. Other special features include outdoor camps in the lap of nature and chance to visit art exhibitions and galleries.


  • Academy teaches its students all aspects of art, and all forms of art. Colour media, 2-D and 3-D art, perspective, designs, brands, contemporary art forms etc,
  • International Art Exchange Program and International Art Camps amongst SAARC Nations and other countries for young budding artists first of its kind by Empowerment and Academy.
  • Academy organizes Solo Art Exhibitions for our talented Young Budding Artists.
  • Academy awards its students and provides Diploma Certificate after completion of one year by conducting Annual Art Exhibition at renowned art Galleries like IHC, AIFACS, ICCR etc.
  • Numerous opportunities to participate in National and International level Art Competitions, Art Camps and Art Exhibitions.


General Information

  • We believe that every child has a unique mind and a distinctive way of perception.
  • Our professionals give very individual attention and train the students according to their potential.
  • Child teacher ratio is 5:1.
  • Classes are conducted twice a week for one hour.
  • Children from 4-6 years are given elementary course; 7-10 years Foundation Course; and 11-15years Advance Course.


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